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Life as we know it would not exist without machines. From the simple to the complex, our modern lives rely on all sorts of machines.

Want to buy a coke and a candy bar? You will likely use a vending machine for that. Need to sew your clothes? You will likely want to use a sewing machine for this task.

Want to dry your hair? Another machine, a hair dryer will come in handy for that job. Need to dry your wet clothes? You guessed it, another machine, put them in the clothes dryer.

The modern world moves at breakneck speed, thanks in part to the machines, that help us with mundane or repetitive tasks.

Machines are everywhere, be it good or bad, we have learned to rely on them. In fact life as we know it would quickly grind to a halt, if all the machines suddenly stopped working.

There are some people that even have a fear that the machines will someday take over. But for now we are in control, dictating how and when we use our machines.
Best Washer And Dryer Brands
Everyone needs to wash and dry their clothes and linens. You want a washer and dryer that operates efficiently, with maximum reliability. Energy efficient machines are very important to most modern day consumers. When shopping for washers and dryers get the best bang for your buck with these recommended brands.

GE Dryer Brand
General Electric is a well known brand of washers and dryers.GE offers a wide selection of washers and dryers, on their website alone they list 23 different types of dryers that range in price from $600-$1500 each. GE appliances are designed with next generation features in mind, even though the brand is over 100 years old. GE is known for high quality and high innovation in their products, I would be happy to own a GE washer or dryer any day. brand rating 9/10

LG Dryer Brand

LG stands for Life's Good and life is certainly good for you if you can afford one of these sweet dryers. LG dryer's are both beautiful and efficient, yet they are also expensive. Be prepared to pay around $1,000 for this high quality dryer brand. LG dryers feature an innovative True Steam technology which generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors, and practically eliminate the need for ironing. You can also sanitize household items with this feature, items such as throw pillows and plush toys. LG brand is a highly reliable product and just plain cool. rating 9.5/10

Maytag Dryer Brand
We've all seen the commercials with the "Maytag Man" lounging around because he has no repair work to do. Maytag is a really reliable brand of washer and dryers, although no brand is 100% maintenance free, no matter what the commercials say. Maytag now offers High-Efficiency, Front-Load and Top-Load, Washers and Dryers. They also still sell the traditional Top-Load units that we all grew up with. Maytag has been making washers and dryers for over 100 years, they offer a 10 year limited parts warranty and a 30 day quiet guarantee on their products. I have owned Maytag's before and would own one again. rating 9/10

Whirpool Dryer Brand

Whirpool Corporation was founded in 1911 and has a long history of making quality washers and dryers. The new Whirpool Vantage machines are really unique and highly innovative. Featuring sleek lines, eco-sensors, automotive styling, LCD screens and USB ports, they look like something out of a Star Wars movie. They make traditional washers and dryers too, yet you can't help but notice this wild looking machine. Whirpool is another solid brand of dryer that offers quality and value in their products. Whirpool also offers a long list of dryer models to choose from, so you are likely to find just what you need. rating 8/10
Extended Warranties For Machines and Appliances

Most dealers will try to sell you an extended warranty on their products. 9 times out of 10 the manufacturer warranty is going to be sufficient. Manufacturers often make a lot of money by selling these added warranties and most are an unnecessary expense.

Just make sure that you test out your new machine pretty thoroughly during the initial warranty period, just in case there happens to be a problem with it.

Most machines come with 1 year warranties, that is usually the standard. If you get more than a 1 year standard warranty, it is likely they are building a solid product.

Remember that the salesman makes money selling those extra warranties. He / she is only doing their job by offering you one and is likely trained to do so. It's pretty obvious that they would tell you it is a good idea to purchase one.

Just politely decline or if they pressure you, just ask " If i need an extended warranty so bad, maybe i should think about purchasing a different product? " That usually shuts them right up for me. by Kerry Zangara

Best Hair Dryer Brands
Trying to find the perfect hairdryer can be a daunting task, you want one that will dry your hair quickly, without damaging the hair. Try these top hairdryer brands and you just may find a small piece of blow-dried perfection.

Conair Hair Dryer Brand
Conair makes some nice quality hair dryers that won't break the piggy bank. An average Conair hair dryer will run you around $25. Their dryers come in quite a few different colors, so you can match your favorite to your hair dryer. Conair hair dryers are available in these main categories: Ionic Hair Dryers, Ceramic Hair Dryers, Styler Hair Dryers, Basic Hair Dryers, Compact Hair Dryers, Bonnet Hair Dryers and Wall Mount Hair Dryers. Slogan: for Great Hair...Salon Results at Home

Chi Hair Dryer Brand
An immigrant to the U.S. named Farouk Shami, created Farouk Systems Inc., which makes the Chi Brand products. Chi products are proudly made in the U.S.A. , Chi makes high quality flat irons and hair dryers that are tailored to Women. Chi products feature Tourmaline Ceramic heat technology which helps to keep the heat precise and consistent. Your hair is left silky and smooth, with unparalleled shine. Chi hair dryers are available at retailers like Target, Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond, London Drugs and Best Buy.

Karmin Hair Dryer Brand
Karmin is a Canadian company that makes professional quality hair dryers. The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer is their best selling hair dryer. Karmin is high quality, yet it also comes with a high price. If only the best will do for you, then you may want to own a Karmin Hair Dryer. Their dryers are able to generate strong, even heat that is not damaging to the hair. A Karmin hair dryer will cost you around $225, you will likely see these in salons.

T3 Bespoke Hair Dryer Brand

Tigi Bed Head Brand
Tigi owns a funky brand of hair products called "Bed Head" . They sell hair care and styling products for your hair, including hair dryers. The brand is considered to be hip, young and edgy and is marketed as such. They make inexpensive hair dryers for the home consumer, like the 1875W Ionic hair dryer, which is available in some hot, funky colors. They also make a line of Tigi Pro models which are designed for professional stylists and cost considerably more than the consumer models.

Revlon Hair Dryer Brand
Revlon is better known for making cosmetics, however they also make hair dryers. Their hair dryers are in the less expensive category, yet they will get the job done. When checking reviews of Revlon Hair Dryers they were somewhat mixed. If you are on a budget then this could be the way to go. You can find Revlon Hair Dryers at Walgreens, K-Mart and Walmart. Their ionic dryers are probably the best choice.

Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer Brand
Stock Markets Being Controlled By Machines?
Call it what you will, high frequency trading, black box trades, high volume day trading. By any name it can mean only one thing, today's stock markets are being controlled to some extent, by machines.

Machines account for much of the trading and liquidity on the Dow, Nasdaq and other exchanges World Wide. These machines offer liquidity while exasperating both upside and downside moves in the market.

When the stock market is fairly stable you may not notice the machines trading, yet when the volatility spikes. Usually during down sessions, you may notice wild price swings in equities.

Even people like Mad Moneys Jim Cramer agree, that the stock exchanges are being manipulated by machines.

The retail investor is at a distinct disadvantage when confronting the machines, he/she just doesn't have the speed to trade against them. Leaving some investors to wonder if the game is somehow rigged against them?

Only time will tell if the machines will ultimately help or hurt wall street.

Hopefully the machines versus humans saga doesn't end up with the machines controlling the markets.

We created the machines and we can take back control from them if need be.
These Machines Dry Your Hands
Hand dryers can be found in many restaurants, stadiums, concert halls, movie theatres, schools, airports, hospitals, hotels, commercial facilities and even in some homes. The benefits of using hand dryers are clear, less paper waste, better overall cleanliness and a cost savings to boot. If your business, facility or home is looking for hand dyers, try these top hand dryer brands.

American Hand Dryer Brand
American Hand Dryer is truly an American brand, as their dryers are manufactured in Michigan. American Dryer has been making hand dyers since 1952, they make the popular eXtreme Air line of high speed hand dryers. The quiet, extremely efficient eXtreme Air hand dryer is able to dry hands in 10 - 15 seconds while using 80 % less energy. Offering an amazing 98 % cost savings versus traditional paper towels.

Dyson Hand Dyer Brand
Dyson is well known for developing innovative products, like their vacuum cleaners, yet they are also making a splash in the hand dryer industry with their Dyson Airblade. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer works in just 12 seconds by scraping water from the hands like  windshield wiper. It works differently than a traditional warm air hand dryer. It forces air through a Hepa filter before blowing, so it's also hygienic. It amazingly uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, plus it looks cool.

Excel Hand Dryer Brand
Excel Dryer manufactures American made hand dryers that are considered high quality. Excel dryers has been making hand dryers for more than 43 years so you can count on their experience. They feature a dryer line called XLERATOR which can completely dry the hands in an astonishingly fast 10 to15 seconds. XLERATOR represents a 95% cost savings over paper towels and actually improves restroom hygiene. Excel dryer says "Time to throw in the towel" and go green at the same time.

FastDry Hand Dryer Brand
FastDry is a hand dryer manufacturer that produces mostly low-cost hand dryers, that can even be used at home or in your office bathroom. They also manufacture a high speed series of hand dryers which are more durable and more expensive. FastDry hand dyers can even be purchased at Sam's Club.

Nova Hand Dryer Brand

World Hand Dryer Brand
Dating by machine?
Can a machine really tell you who you should date?

Websites like & seem to think so. They not only believe that a machine can select the best date or match for you, they often guarantee that it will.

Machines have infiltrated nearly every facet of our lives and now they may have even intruded into the bedroom.

How does it work?

You enter a bunch of facts and figures about yourself into the website. Some of these lists are long and require considerable time to fill in all the information. When you have entered everything from your height, weight eye color and favorite everything into the website, you are ready for the next phase.

The magical machine then takes all of this seemingly useless information and cross-references thousands of other seemingly useless information from potential mates. Using secret algorithms designed to find you the ultimate match/date.

Thousands claim that the machine is the perfect matchmaker, better than any living breathing matchmaker.

Just another application for our do it all friend, the machine.

Smart phones have even gotten in the acts, with their own specialized aps to help you find a pefect match, or at least a match for right now. Aps like tinder and ecupid are some of the top choices available to you right now.
Ice Cream Makers And Ice Machines
Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Cuisinart Ice-45PK
The Cuisinart ICE-45PK Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, gives you professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet right at home. It makes everyone's favorite flavor of ice cream, has 3 built in condiment dispensers. Features fully automatic operation; simply pour in the ingredients and turn the dial. This ice cream machine adds favorite mix-ins into soft serve ice cream as it's dispensed!

We liked the fully automatic operation. Machines has some nice features at a reasonable price, rating 8.5/10

White Mountain 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Freezer

Product Features
  • Makes 6 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other frozen confections
  • Electric motor makes traditional family fun easier
  • Stainless-steel freezer can and dasher inside wooden tub
  • Ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet recipes included
  • Freezer can and dasher are dishwasher-safe

The ice cream turns out so smooth and the leftovers stay so smooth and good in the freezer, not turning hard like so many other ice cream freezers we tried. White Mountain makes a high quality product. rating 9/10

Why do I want an ice making machine?

For the convenience, when the weather gets hot constantly replacing the ice tray in the freezer can get old fast. Save some time and effort by purchasing your own ice machine. Keep drinks cool and your guests or patrons happy. Buying an ice machine, either for personal or commercial use, can be a smart smart choice. It means that you will never run out of ice again.

Do these machines make different types of ice?

The type of ice machine you buy, will depend on what kind of ice you want to make. Cubed ice comes in whole dice or half dice sizes. It is generally more dense, which makes it melt slowly and cool its surroundings quickly, and is recommended for cocktails, beverages, and retail sales. Flaked ice generally requires much less energy to produce and is easier to mold and shape for salad bars or other hard to reach places. It highly reduces choking hazards, which make it ideal for healthcare and childcare uses. Nugget ice is softer than cubed ice but harder than flaked ice. This kind of ice can be chewed up fairly easy, we recommend this type of ice for retailers.

Below is a guide which will recommend what types of ice you may want for your particular needs:

Drinks Require Different Forms of Ice
cube-shaped as you'd get from the traditional water tray placed in your freezer;
crushed ice for use in cocktails, produced either by hand or an ice crusher
nugget shaped as you'd get from a modern, home ice Maker

Flake Form Ice for Industry
This form of ice is most commonly used in food preservation for perishable foods such as meat and fish that need to be kept fresh during transportation. The quantities required are usually large, therefore the technology involved to produce this type of ice is commonly known as flake ice plant machinery.

Block Form Ice
Comes in a block form exactly as the name suggests - produced by block ice plants. Required mainly for industrial cooling and also some types of shipping operation but also in hot and remote areas of the world where it's not possible to conduct ice making on a continuous basis.

Here is How The GPS System Works:

There are a
minimum of 24 GPS satellites in orbit at 12,600 miles (20,200 kilometers) above the Earth at all times. These satellites are spaced so that from any point on Earth, at least four satellites will be above the horizon.

Each satellite contains a simple computer, atomic clocks, and various radios. With an understanding of its own orbit and the clock, the satellite continually broadcasts its changing position and time. The satellites use their on-board atomic clocks to keep precise time, but are otherwise very simple and unsophisticated when compared to other modern spacecraft.

Several times per day, depending upon various requirements, the USAF contacts each of the GPS space vehicles and provides it with a new navigational upload.

All ground-based GPS receivers contain a computer that can calculate its own position by getting time signals from three of the four satellites it can locate, using a process called trilateration (similar to triangulation). The result is provided in the form of a geographic position - longitude and latitude - accurate within 100 meters for most units. If the receiver is also equipped with a display screen that shows a map, the position can be shown on the map.

If the GPS unit is able to receive a signal from the fourth satellite, the GPS receiver can also figure out the altitude as well as the geographic position.

If the GPS receiver is in motion, the unit may also be able to calculate speed and direction of travel as well as estimated arrival times at selected destination.

What does a Hand Held GPS Device do?

Handheld GPS devices are generally used for hiking and other outdoor activities. These devices allow for you to determine where you are when out on the go, or far from home. These types of GPS units usually includes a map and compass that can be used to navigate while on foot, rather than while traveling in a vehicle. Many handheld GPS systems also allow you to pre-enter routes that you would like to hike, and allow you to reverse the path you just took so that you can safely get back to your campsite or vehicle. Think preventing yourself from being lost in the woods, kinda like the Blair Witch Movie. Yikes!!

These devices are common today, another benefit of the tech revolution. These devices are a must-have for those that venture out in the woods, or far from home. Most of these Hand Held GPS Units are reasonably affordable today. So pick one up for your next trip to the great wide open. - - - - -