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Machine Parts - Parts Manufacturers

Machines require many moving parts and accessories. These parts can be made by machine and for other machines.

Different types of Machine Tool Parts are necessary for many types of machinery.

Machine Gears

Nearly every machine requires gears, many different types of gears.
Spur, Ring and Pinion, Rack and Pinion, Worm, Bevel, Helical and Hypoid gears can be manufactured by machine.

Sewing Machine Parts

Sewing machines require many different parts. Some of these parts include Attachments, Belts, Bobbins, Bobbin winders, Check springs, Foot controls, Presser feet, Treadle belts, Motors, Gears, Needle plates, Tensions, Hand Cranks, Hooks, Feed dogs.

Parts Manufacturers Remain Largely Overseas

The vast majority of machine parts are still being produced overseas. China, Taiwan & Korea are major countries that produce a large amount of machine parts. The parts can be produced cheaply and in large quantities. Some of the drawbacks of producing parts overseas include production delays, high cost of shipping and sometimes lack of quality and uniformity in the parts themselves.

We are seeing a resurgence of part manufacturing in the United States and European countries, yet the pace still remains slow at best.